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Our catering at your event

At Samsung Hall we have pledged ourselves to your (culinary) experience. We now also offer our experience in culinary storytelling for events outside our venue: As EVENTPARK KULINARIK, we will bring our catering to your event. We take care of the personnel, technology, furniture, tabletops, decoration and, of course, with huge enthusiasm, the food and drinks.

Apéro riche
Finger food as far as the eye can see – cold and hot, savoury and sweet, light and hearty... We love this little piece of Swiss culture. While your guests linger in an atmosphere of casual conversation, we make sure that they are all satisfied. Served in our high-quality crockery, every morsel is beautifully presented. The meat is sliced in front of guests with the Berkel machine, giving your apéro that special something.

Live cooking
In this format our staff interact with guests as welcoming hosts. The kitchen is the focal point and the cooks symbolically open the refrigerator. Live, with the ingredients available, they conjure up food that is the heart's desire of any guest. This creates an extraordinary ambience and enlivens networking among your guests.

Street food festival
The aim of this form of catering is to awaken all the senses in a relaxed atmosphere. Different food stalls with different tastes and smells offer your guests an exciting journey of discovery. The different stations lead to a pleasantly lively atmosphere.

The Tavolata is dedicated to culinary get-togethers. In Italian style, you sit together with your guests and dedicate yourself to entertainment and enjoyment. In the middle there is a wide variety of dishes and everyone digs in.

Other formats
We can also delight your guests with classic formats such as a buffet or a lunch or dinner with table service. Or how about a BBQ?

We are convinced that your event will be remembered as one of the highlights of the year! Let us know your needs and your event theme and we will develop the appropriate concept and individual dishes. We will be happy to advise you.

«I am looking forward to receiving your request. Do not hesitate to contact me by sending a booking enquiry or your phone number / e-mail address.»